IoT Pentest Automation for Increased Efficiency

Let us handle the time-consuming manual tasks so we can hand you a detailed map for deeper analysis!

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Accelerate your process with automation

We automate:

Firmware extraction

Component identification

Known vulnerability lookup

Cryptographic key and parameter collection

Hardening checks

Binary and script analysis


Report generation

So you can focus on:

Binary reverse engineering


Protocol analysis

Hardware hacking

Boot trust chain verification


Get up to speed

Spend more time on high-impact activities

Don’t waste your senior researchers’ efforts on repetitive tasks

Pursue market opportunities created by new IoT regulations

What's under the hood?

Powerful vulnerability discovery for C/C++ binaries

By employing advanced dynamic analysis techniques on binaries, we can find zero-day vulnerabilities in minutes.

Binary intelligence

We gather in-depth information on binaries and detect common hardening techniques like stack canaries, fortification, stripping, and so on.

Cryptographic analysis

We assess the strength of cryptographic algorithms, and discover relationships between private keys, public keys and certificates.

Composition analysis

We identify third-party dependencies and scan for known vulnerabilities, even without an explicit SBOM.

Does it work?

Tibor Kozák

Partner @ Superior Pentest

In BugProve, it was a pleasure to use the main functions, with an intuitive interface. Displaying CVE numbers was very useful. And by the way, everything looks damn good!

Tibor Bősze

Executive Security Architect

BugProve is intuitive and automates many of the repetitive tasks in firmware security testing. Uploaded images of the most common formats are unpacked, the file system is extracted and exposed to further analysis. The team strives for innovation in the area of binary analysis via its semi-dynamic engine. My focus was on the core features of analyzing the firmware images uploaded, here BugProve certainly has a competitive edge. Overall, it is a comprehensive and well-automated tool that lets you get productive right away. BugProve Team, keep up the great work!

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