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BugProve is a platform for simulating, demonstrating and visualizing software and hardware vulnerabilities. The way we see it the sector has yet to adopt a visual language and the market only has domain specific products, not perfectly suited for tasks and challenges that participants in the information security sector face. Modeling vulnerabilities and threats while presenting them visually is a key asset for big training companies and cybersecurity laboratories alike, and it can be useful for independent security researchers as well. Our product offers a unified solution for them.

Threats showcased

There is no already available solution for the problem: visualizing your ideas in information security usually involved some off-the-shelf software and lots of screenshots. If you are a training company, you probably have to evaluate the offerings of companies companies with products solely targeting the web which are not scalable.

From Spectre to Heartbleed

BugProve is based on sophisticated simulation platform which enables us to utilize real code, real network stack and accurate hardware models in order to model information securty vulnerabilities and attacks.

Useful from the first day

We make sure that the platform is usable in a productive way from the first day. We also aim at high modularity while maintaining a clear visual element, making BugProve suitable for teaching.

Cutting edge R&D

Competing platforms focus either solely ont he web, or operate with rudimentary in-house solutions in this sector. Our backend integrates novel research and development results and open source components developed in the EU funded H2020, particularily a unique security modeling toolset developed by the founders.

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Company providing infosec trainings

BugProve can complement most infosec training materials by providing accurate, but clean and impressive visualization of otherwise difficult concepts.

Integrating the toolset into the material development is easy, while engineers don’t need to setup and use heavy VM’s, all of the necessary complexity is solved by BugProve’s frontend, backed by the powerful simulation engine. We can support a wide range of sectors including Medical, Automotive, FinTech, Digital entertainment, etc. As the toolset is used by highly trained experts in the field, the engineers participating in the training programmes will be confident that they are acquiring real-life securty skills and they will stay motivated during the lectures and interactive sessions as well.

Pricing is based on a per-person model, based on the particular needs of your company.

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Independent security researcher

We ourselves at BugProve are passionate independent researchers too, so we understand the every day challenges of wandering around in disassemblers and debuggers all day. Discovering vulnerabilities, and arriving at a working exploit chain earns you the credit on its own, however we would like to help you in presenting your results if you choose to do so. As much as we like phrack and buqtraq, we think that an ASCII advisory writeup is not always the ideal choice, and should not be the only one in 2019. Use BugProve to create stunning security advisories and technical demonstrations. Showcase your exploits via our visualization toolset, with the optional arsenal of the powerful simulation backend.


We offer 5 demonstrations and 5 simulation sessions free/month for individual researchers*.

Security firm providing audit services

Writing up security audit reports is a tedious work. Having worked several years at a top security lab in Europe and participating in 50+ security evaluations, with report lengths ranging between 100-300 pages, we surely understand that some sort of automated workflow might be desirable. Our product is full of technical gems and export features which could be effectively used to complement these technical write-ups, while also fitting nicely into the design and look-and-feel of the report styles and corporate identity. We support firmware analysis techniques in the embedded domain, several ways to execute various memory corruption type test cases in the simulation environment and the aggregation and visualization of similar tools and profiling reports. We also support niche techniques for web application- and pentesting not covered by other off-the self software.


Security simulation platform

At the core of our backend is a a novel, comprehensible, ultra-fast, security-aware simulator. It was developed for IoT (internet of things), but it has found its use in the high performance computing and clud computing domains as well.

Side channel magic

Through power estimation models and the cycle accurate CPU model of the underlying GEM5 simulator, we are able to simulate certain types of classical side channel attacks. The CPU models are detailed enough to simulate Spectre, Meltdown type vulnerabilities.

BugProve is scalable

The system is highly scalable through a HLA architecture, the simulation can be distributed across an almost arbitrary number of CPU cores, realizing complex scenarios involving the network. We can interconnect real Linux network stacks within the discrete event simulator core.



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