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Why BugProve?

The problem

IoT systems feature technology stacks and a software ecosystem more heterogeneous, complex, and a lot less mature than those found in application development. The only common denominator is that most projects are built using C or C++ due to requirements on performance and the resource-constrained nature of these devices. System software in embedded designs is especially prone to attacks, as a lot of the networking code that interfaces the enterprise cloud infrastructure or the end-users themselves are written in these memory unsafe languages. This often results in Remote Code Execution (RCE) vectors that are practically exploitable on these systems, often worsened by the fact that a large portion of designs completely lack strong hardening measures and defense-in-depth security mitigations.

This demands a security testing solution that can offer capabilities tailored for the needs of embedded systems engineers and IoT Product Security teams and analysts.

While the application security domain already has several available tools and solutions (like SCA, SAST, or DAST), there is still no comprehensive, out-of-the-box platform to automate security tasks for IoT devices, especially not through their entire lifecycle. Supply chain security issues are even more difficult to tackle because of the layered nature of IoT software stacks.

We offer a tool for automated zero-day discovery and lifelong CVE monitoring, that allows security engineers to focus on more difficult problems. By integrating our solution into the CI/CD pipeline and offering easy-to-understand dashboards, IoT security can be managed throughout the production funnel simply and efficiently.

How we help

Our autonomous security testing saves you time and money as it automates the detection of critical vulnerabilities. We achieve this by pushing the boundaries of binary analysis with integrated zero-day vulnerability discovery. Our tool exposes security issues that are hidden in your IoT products 3rd party code as well, enabling you to control supply chain cybersecurity risks in a way that wasn’t possible before.

Catching known vulnerabilities (CVEs) and other security issues present in SDKs is an industry need, which is the cornerstone of upcoming IoT legislation. The SBOM is created automatically, highlighting known vulnerabilities for outdated components.

Integrating BugProve into your testing process will support the work of your security engineers daily. Our tool reduces testing time and administrative tasks during security evaluation, while our remediation recommendations and advanced reporting support the engineers each and every project.

Our continuous monitoring solution automatically monitors for new threats as new vulnerabilities are disclosed, while the upcoming compliance verification feature collects findings and noncompliances for the industry’s most sought after standards supporting you in fulfilling your customers’ specific requirements.