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Shareable Live Reports

Collaboration is all the rage nowadays. To keep up with the trend, we introduced shareable reports (alongside PDF export). Sharing a link will keep the interactivity and context of the report intact. Here’s a quick rundown of its main benefits:

Viewers with a link can:

  • view the report overview and all report pages
  • browse extracted file system metadata
  • inspect and download cryptographic artifacts
  • see the current state of all findings (Confirmed and Rejected updates in real time)
  • see your name and email address when opening the link

We made sure viewers are not omnipotent, so they can’t:

  • download the original firmware or the extracted files
  • start new zero-day scans
  • change the state of findings
  • revoke or modify the link itself
  • edit scan metadata

How to share a report?

Once a scan is finished the report can be instantly shared with - you guessed it - the Share* button. To share a report:

  1. Go to any page of a completed scan
  2. Hit Share (the Create report link sidebar will show up)
  3. Set the expiry date (choose a time frame or pick a date in the calendar)
  4. Hit the Create and copy link button
  5. Share the report with your colleagues, clients, followers, etc.

Want more control over what report page visitors see first? You can create a Deep link to any page in the report. To do this visit the page you want to share and, well… click Share and you know what to do next.

How to change the expiry date?

If viewers need more time just open any page of a shared scan and click the Edit link button. Change the date on the side panel then click Save and copy link on the bottom.

How to revoke a shared report?

Need to tie up loose ends? To revoke a shared report simply go to the Overview page and click the Edit link button. Here, click Revoke link, then confirm your choice.