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File Explorer

Root file system view of BugProve's File Explorer
Root file system view of BugProve's File Explorer

The File Explorer is a utility that you can use to quickly inspect the contents of the extracted and re-assembled file system. Moreover, by clicking Download archive you can retrieve the file system as a tarball allowing you to jump to further analysis real quick without having to worry about extraction and file system mount points yourself.

Some of its features you might find interesting are:

  • Symlink navigation
    We show you info on symlinks and navigation will follow these.
  • Detailed view of extracted files
    We list permissions, modification date, an SHA digest, ownership data and filesize.
  • Download file
    Download individual files or the entire extracted firmware
  • Handle multiple filesystems
    We don’t stop at identifying a single root file system. All of your recognizable data will be present, even if this includes multiple filesystems.
  • Enterable archives
    Browse IoT images like you were using Midnight Commander.
  • Tries to find mount points
    We can’t get this always right, but we don’t stop at extracting images you provide - mount points are identified and mapped against the different file systems we recognize.
  • Resolves user and group information
    User and group information is resolved to help you with security evaluation of permissions and discretionary access control.
  • Preserves device files, broken symlinks, permission information
    We don’t throw stuff away and try to keep as many useful artifacts and metadata as we can during analysis.