Frequently Asked Questions

Product & Support

Can I make use of your tool without having a dedicated security team?

Sure you can, but some basic security knowledge will definitely help you to fix the issues based on our recommendations and remediation suggestions.

How do I know that I need your tool?

Are you an IoT pentester, security researcher, embedded developer, or device manufacturer? Then our product was created for your specific needs. We built a tool that automates repetitive testing procedures and helps you or your security team to detect vulnerabilities fast. For manufacturers, our tool helps to track their security posture and comply with different certification schemes. AI-driven explanations also help with remediation.

How do the workshops work?

We offer live, online security onboarding training as part of our paid plans. You can invite developers, product managers, and security experts. For larger custom plans, we can include hands-on workshops, tailored to your products and your team’s expertise.

What are the benefits compared to the competition?

We highlight 3 key factors here: zero-day scans, education, and transparency. 1) Our deeper scans detect more vulnerabilities using static and dynamic analysis techniques. 2) We are also firm believers in education, so we offer live onboarding training and other security workshops. 3) You can test our engine via our free plan, and use features like our shared reports to collaborate easily.

What happens with the files I upload?

When you upload files to BugProve, we securely process, analyze, and store them to deliver our services. Your data is stored securely in AWS, encrypted at rest using AES-256, and transmitted using TLS (v1.2 or higher). The files you upload are considered Protected Assets, as outlined in our Terms of Service.

What kind of firmware can be scanned?

Currently, the platform is designed to work best with embedded Linux and it supports most architectures. Working with FreeRTOS is among the upcoming features. You can check our documentation for a detailed list of formats and architectures.

What kind of support do you offer?

We offer three distinct support tiers: basic, premium and custom support. The basic tier provides email and ticket-based support, and it is available for our Free Plan users. The premium tier has a 48-hour reply window for emails and adds the option for video conference calls. With custom support, we do what best works for you and add the option of a dedicated Slack or Teams channel on top.


How does the Free Plan work?

It is as simple as it gets. :) Create an account using Google single sign-on and start scanning within seconds, no credit card details are needed. We offer the full functionality of the firmware and binary analysis for a limited number of scans.

I ran out of scans, how do I get some more?

If you run out of scans we would ask you to upgrade to a bigger plan. Get in touch with us to ask for an upgrade.

I would like to cancel my plan, what should I do?

Oh, we are sorry to see you go. Of course, you can cancel your monthly plan at any time. If you cancel, you still will be able to use our tool until the end of your current payment period. Please contact us about cancellation!

Is the Free account mine to keep forever?

Yes, and we are glad to see that you enjoy our product and want to stay. While we are here, the Free account is yours to use.

What counts as a concurrent job?

How many scans are running parallel to each other at the same time.

What features are not available in the Free Plan?

Some examples: Team management, vulnerability monitoring, PDF reports, SBOM exports, dedicated support, API integration - these are only available in our paid plans - plus you would have more scans available in paid plans. Check out our pricing page for more details.

What is the difference between the scans and the zero-day discovery?

Scans are performed on firmware while zero-day detections are related to our advanced dynamic binary analysis. We offer both options within our product.


Are there any setup or support fees?

No. You only pay the monthly cost, and no additional fees are charged.

Do I need to enter my credit card info at signup?

For the Free Plan, no credit card information is needed. For the Teams and Enterprise plans, you will need to contact us.

I saw you are on AWS too, where should I buy?

Whichever way is easier for you. The price is the same. In case you need a “Grow” plan for AWS, reach out and we can prepare a custom offer for your team.

Is there a discount for an annual subscription?

Yes, a 20% discount is available if you choose to pay annually. That is 2,4 months' worth of savings, we did the math for you! :)

What if I am not satisfied with the product?

We will be very sad and keen to learn more about your experience. But of course, you can cancel your subscription, and in the next month, we will not be charging you again. Your account stays active and online for the prepaid period.

What payment options are available?

At this time we accept only bank transfers, but card payments are in the works. You can also buy the tool via the AWS marketplace, using all the payment options available there for your account.

Do you have any other questions? Let us know!