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BugProve was founded in 2021

With the vision of restoring trust in embedded systems by enabling companies to improve their security and demonstrate their compliance posture to their customers, prospects, and partners.

Who we are

Our founders

First conceived the idea of BugProve years ago while working together on embedded systems security testing projects in the mid-2010s. Even before the big breaches and botnet attacks it was already obvious that the sector was facing huge challenges in terms of the growing number of device vulnerabilities and offensive activities.

Gergő Hosszú
Co-Founder & COO
Bálint József Jánvári
Co-Founder & CTO
Attila Szász
Co-Founder & CEO

Some verticals such as the digital entertainment industry was up to date with best practices and set-top-boxes of that era already demonstrated mature anti-piracy measures that coincided with great product security. However, this was the exception rather than the rule, most IoT device manufacturers had been struggling to keep up with application security ever since they implemented networking capabilities into their products.

While the application security domain has enjoyed an abundance of security tools including SCA, SAST and DAST solutions, there was no comprehensive, out-of-the-box platform that automated security tasks throughout the product lifecycle for IoT devices yet. Supply chain security issues were particularly problematic to address due to the much more complicated and layered nature of IoT device software stacks.

Attila faced this very problem when working on an IoT product himself: porting the business logic of a smart firewall to a new hardware platform and SDK while also maintaining the highest levels of product security standards for the overall system had proven to be extremely difficult. The system software that came with the platform was just riddled with bugs, and there was no way around manually auditing a large portion of the software stack developed by the supplier.

Recognizing that most connected device development teams do not have extensive security testing backgrounds, Attila, Gergő and Bálint set out to build a software solution that is capable of automatically addressing many of the challenges associated with securing IoT products by identifying vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and non-compliance with major cybersecurity standards and requirements - even before said products are released.

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