Automotive Product Security

Vulnerability Discovery and Management for OEMs and suppliers

Level up your CSMS and take control of your supply chain dependencies. Extract SBOMs automatically, and monitor vulnerabilities. Detect zero-day flaws with our engine, mitigate critical risks, and prevent breaches.

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Automotive Cybersecurity Landscape

Automotive Cybersecurity Landscape

There are millions of lines of code in cars today, hundreds of components connecting with each other and with networks, as well as with other vehicles. Vulnerabilities are often inherited along the supply chain, making them nearly impossible to fix. Standards like ISO 21434 were designed to compel all participants to take cybersecurity seriously from design until end-of-life.

What do We offer?

SBOM - Transparency like never before

Identify your third-party components and get a complete overview of your CSMS and supply chain security exposure.

Detect zero-days during development

Use our proprietary PRIS engine to detect secure coding mistakes that could lead to seriously compromised vehicles.

Simplify compliance audits 

Develop secure-by-design products using automated firmware scans and demonstrate documented processes in compliance with ISO/SAE 21434.

Set your priorities straight

Focus on the riskiest components by breaking down the attack surface based on code quality heuristics, network exposure and security metrics beyond CVSS.

Vulnerability management

Detect early, and use AI-driven recommendations for patching - all in one place.

Efficient post-production security

Monitor how emerging vulnerabilities affect your products and get immediate alerts.

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