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Take back control over your supply chain risks and discover zero-day vulnerabilities before others do.

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Shift left with security

Catch vulnerabilities during development

Mitigating a security breach once products are released takes 100 times more resources than fixing a vulnerability during development.

We level the playing field, security is not only for the big guys.

Similar tools for advanced security testing have been too expensive for many, but not anymore.

How do we do it?

IoT specialization

What We Give

What You Feel

IoT-focused testing platform

SAST, DAST for IoT - designed for the IoT tech stack and software ecosystem. We can handle binaries for ARM, MIPS, x86, RISCV, and more.

Less alert fatigue

Lower false positive rates even when working on a larger codebase.

High-speed scans

Your comprehensive scan will be ready in a couple of minutes.

Having more time for important stuff

You just saved several hours, if not days, for your team as we took care of the most repetitive tasks.

Automated SBOM assembly within minutes

You get a list of components included in the product without the need to set up complex build-time integrations.

Peace of mind at the end of every build

By looking at the exact contents of your final firmware, you can discover issues that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Grouping scans by products

Track the security posture of each released firmware version of your current and upcoming products.

Being in complete control

Become a superhero when it comes to managing your product security and compliance. That is a pretty good feeling.

Vulnerability management

Automated zero-day vulnerability discovery

Track down potential vulnerabilities (buffer overflows, command injections, etc.) and fix issues before others can find and exploit them.

Never feel lost in your codebase

It is like giving a compass to your security team when they need to find that magnetic needle in the haystack.

Known vulnerabilities detection

Identify known vulnerabilities by matching individual components to the common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) database.

No surprises

You never know how future vulnerabilities in your dependencies can affect you - but you can at least make sure those already known don’t.

Lifelong CVE monitoring

Continuous monitoring of emerging vulnerabilities for every firmware uploaded.

Prepared for the worst

You will be the first to know when a newly published vulnerability affects you, giving you a head start on preparing an update.

Ease of use

Works without source code

Firmware is more than enough for our tool to do its job, we don’t need your source code to perform our analysis.

Your IP is safe with… you.

It is that simple.

Seamless API integration

With our step-by-step guides and public API, it won’t take long to integrate BugProve with your current tooling.

Things just work

No tedious manual uploads. Set up and forget about it.

Modern UX for the 21st century

Clean and aesthetic design without the legacy feel.

Grasping details at a glance

Easy-to-read and connected dashboards help you understand the big picture and the details behind it.

What We Give

Overall summary

Faster and cheaper GTM

Accelerate go-to-market, save precious resources, and reduce bottlenecks during security and compliance testing.

Secure products on the market

Spot vulnerabilities before releasing the final product to prevent breaches and ransomware attacks.

Another box ticked for compliance

Gather evidence, automate documentation, and integrate security into your release process.

Continuous CVE monitoring

Respond to emerging threats faster, and stop worrying about your security blindspots.

Growing market risk

Number of attacks - increasing

Global number of IoT attacks reached 10.5 million in a single month in December 2022 (Statista)

Cost of attacks - increasing

ransomware attack average cost: 4.54 million (Growing 8-12% each year) (IBM)

Legislation requirements - increasing

European Union and the US are both introducing new regulations, plus many new requirements passed in the last 3 years

Does it work?

Tibor Kozák

Partner @ Superior Pentest

In BugProve, it was a pleasure to use the main functions, with an intuitive interface. Displaying CVE numbers was very useful. And by the way, everything looks damn good!

Tibor Bősze

Executive Security Architect

BugProve is intuitive and automates many of the repetitive tasks in firmware security testing. Uploaded images of the most common formats are unpacked, the file system is extracted and exposed to further analysis. The team strives for innovation in the area of binary analysis via its semi-dynamic engine. My focus was on the core features of analyzing the firmware images uploaded, here BugProve certainly has a competitive edge. Overall, it is a comprehensive and well-automated tool that lets you get productive right away. BugProve Team, keep up the great work!

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Compliance simplified

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BugProve helps companies scale security practices and automate compliance for the industry’s most sought after standards. We help your business get and stay compliant by continuously monitoring the security posture of firmware used on your connected devices.