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Webinar on-demand: The Cyber Resilience Act Beyond Buzzwords

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Dóra Meleg
April 24, 2024 2 mins read
Webinar on-demand: The Cyber Resilience Act Beyond Buzzwords

This webinar aired on 24th April 2024, discussing the background and the requirements of the European Union's upcoming Cyber Resilience Act.

Main topics we covered:

  • Product Categories defined by the regulation
  • Generic and category-specific requirements
  • Real-world cyber risk example - (Zyxel NAS 326)
  • Setting priorities and building a roadmap towards compliance
  • Automation recommendations that can help you get there

Watch it here

Relevant materials

You can find the presentation here.

I would highlight 2 slides which I believe were the most important.

  1. The requirements according to product category.
Product-specific requirement matrix
Product-specific requirement matrix
  1. The roadmap recommendation.
Roadmap to CRA compliance
Roadmap to CRA compliance

Do you prefer written format for learning?

Here is our main article about CRA that we update regularly.

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If you have any further questions, you can always reach out to our speakers via Linkedin, they will be happy to help you.

Cédric Lévy-Bencheton, CEO of cetome

Attila Szász, CEO of BugProve

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