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Product Update #2

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Bálint Jánvári
April 25, 2023 2 mins read
Product Update #2

Time for another product update! A smaller one this time, focused on one much requested feature.

Shareable reports

Our reports aim to be interactive and to provide as much context as possible. That is all lost when you export it to a PDF report or print it (and to be honest, you can't really do that - for now). So we wanted to add a simple way to share the entire, rich and interactive report with your colleagues, clients, followers, all without them having to sign up to our service. Meet the Share button!

The button, in all its glory
The button, in all its glory

Once a scan finishes, you can use this glorious new button to create a shareable link that takes whoever opens it right to the report. Links may be set to expire at a date of your choice, or be revoked manually at any time.

Creating a link
Creating a link

At this point you might expect a screenshot of the shared report, but there is really no need for that - it looks just like the original report, with only two key differences in functionality:

  • Shared reports are read-only - viewers won't be able to start zero day scans, mark findings as false positives, and so on.
  • Downloads are disabled - original and extracted files cannot be downloaded, with the exception of crypto assets.

When you create a link, the entire report is shared - but you can create deep links to any page, letting you direct the attention of openers to the portion of the report you deem most important.

I encourage you to give report sharing a try - it is one of the simplest ways to involve other stakeholders in your company or members of the community.

Engine improvements

We also released some under-the-hood improvements to our analysis engine. Changes include:

  • Better categorization of shell scripts in the File Explorer
  • Fixed a nasty bug related to CPIO extraction

What's next

We will continue to deliver these product updates as planned. I left some hints in the article on where you might expect improvements in the near future, see if you can spot them!

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