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Launching our Free Plan!

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Attila Szász
February 15, 2023 2 mins read
Launching our Free Plan!


It’s done! We just launched the Free Plan for our security tool and collected some information, so you know what to expect. We are so excited that this moment is finally here, but let’s see what you can get in the Free Plan.

Now, why did we create a free plan? Well, this was a no-brainer, and for several reasons. We talked to a lot of experts during development, and they all told us two things: “We like the idea!” but they also added, “We want to see how it works.” Fair enough!

We spent several years in security engineering and know how difficult it is to get approval for a new tool. It was clear from the get-go, we need a free option to show you how our tool works.

But there is more! We created this tool for you: the security engineer, the developer. So it is natural that we are craving your feedback as an expert. Because we are on the same page here, our interests are aligned with the interests of our customers - we want to give the best possible tool that makes life easier.

We set ourselves a goal to remove financial barriers for security professionals, to make it easier to get started in IoT security for all. We are hoping to help bug bounty hunters too, to broaden their scope and gain a competitive advantage compared to other hunters as well.

What’s in the box!?

BugProve Vulnerability Summary
BugProve Vulnerability Summary

The most important elements of our tool: the zero-day vulnerability discovery and the firmware analysis. We are quite proud of what we achieved here and decided to show all related features without limitations. You get full functionality with the Free Plan, there are no blurred lines or hidden results. One limitation that you might experience in the Free Plan is the analysis speed (emphasis on might here).

Get more information about the features on our pricing page!

What does the future hold? It depends on you! We will improve our tool based on your feedback: this can mean changes to the number of available scans, adjustments to the layout and expanded functionality. But one thing is certain: our Free Plan will stay free!

Get started here!

Happy Hunting!

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